The heart of my artistic process is a neural net based A.I. that can take two images, a source image and a style image, and recreate the former in the style of the latter.

For my source photos, I only use public domain photos, photos I've taken myself, or stock images whose print rights I've purchased, and I only use my own paintings or public domain paintings and photos as style images. For the A.I. magic, I use the open source "neural-style" implementation by J. C. Johnson, with a couple of tweaks of my own.

In addition to digital art, I also write fiction, poetry, and children's books, including:

  • Haiku Diem 1 - a collection of the best haiku from the first of five years that I wrote one haiku a day, illustrated by neural net generated art.
  • Who Am I? - a personalizable picture book
  • Joan - a YA novelization of the life of Joan of Arc
  • Poetry And Terror - A discussion with poet and political writer Peter Dale Scott about his groundbreaking book-length poem, Coming To Jakarta.

You can learn about my other writing and creative ventures through my main website: