Deep Wall

 Neural net generated digital art
 by author Freeman Ng


All pieces are available for sale, in a variety of sizes and materials (canvas, metal, acrylic, etc.). Most can be purchased directly from this site, but some have links in their descriptions leading to other sites where they can be ordered. (Note: If you have a discount code, it will only work on the pieces sold on this site.) Contact me directly if you need prints in bigger sizes (or with different framing options) than are available. The nature of the digital "brush" I use allows images to be enlarged to any size with no loss of resolution.

I'm a former Google software engineer now spending most of my time writing and creating digital art. The heart of my artistic process is a neural net-based A.I. that can take two images, a source image and a style image, and recreate the former in the style of the latter...[more]